Putting the blog on pause

When I first began this blog, the aim was to chronicle my journey towards becoming an outdoor instructor, my reflections on the outdoors and related subjects.

Well, I have recently joined The Mountain People, and so that journey is, in a way, over. However, I am not yet ready to give up this blog, as the connection of man and mountain is very close to my heart. For now, though, you will find most of my thoughts and posts on The Mountain People blog.

I imagine I will decide what to do with this legacy at some point, but for the moment, please update your feeds, bookmarks etc. to http://www.the-mountain-people.com/blog/feed/.

Over and out for now.

Simon Cox

Postscript 01/12/12: blog feed amended to http://www.the-mountain-people.com/blog/feed/


Scotland Winter Mountaineering & Skills Courses

It’s been a while since I last posted – I have spent the last two months in North Africa investigating a potential move of home and family.

However, I am proud to announce that I am now part of a mountaineering company, The Mountain People, and will be helping out on two courses in February 2013.

If you are looking for either a beginner’s Scotland winter skills course or a more advanced winter mountaineering course, then you might consider what we have to offer.

Whilst there are many courses and outfits that offer variations on the skills and mountaineering theme, we invite you to into a tight-knit community of like-minded people – friends and families – who are passionate about the outdoors. Our courses are not just about what you do in a week, but the shared journey with others, which forms and shapes us.

Have a read through the brochures and see if you agree:

Scotland Introduction to Winter Skills page

Scotland Intro to Winter Skills

Click to download brochure


Scotland Winter Mountaineering page

Scotland Winter Mountaineering

Click to download brochure

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