Pain and Endurance

Off the back of my previous post on Expedition Behaviour, I want to share the following video of the failed 2008 expedition by Americans Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin and Renen Osturk on Meru Peak in the Indian Himalaya.

The video boasts some beautiful artwork, inventive camerawork and incredible scenery. However, the power of the sequences comes not from technical ingenuity, but the rawness of human emotion portrayed.

The pain and grittiness of their experience are evident, and despite the smiles and joking, the emotional toil is plain to see in their eyes and expressions. This human element running through the film is, for me, what stands it apart, and the artistic craft of Renan Osturk frames it beautifully.

The trio returned recently and successfully ascended the compelling, but technically demanding, line.

Here we go:

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