The outdoors and outdoor pursuits are my passions.

I’m not solely focused on pushing my grade, but I like the physical challenge of rock climbing, and have led trad (traditional) rock climbs to Hard Very Severe (HVS) standard.

Above all, I love the adventure and self discovery of the outdoors, especially in wild and inaccessible locations.

A bit more about me

With my various commitments these days, #microadventure is the name of my game, so I try to weave adventure in where I can, whether sleeping rough in Derbyshire or snatching a rock climb in the Peak District.

In a former life I gained a handful of UK National Governing Body (NGB) qualifications in summer and winter hillwalking (Mountain Leader and Winter Mountain Leader) and summer rock climbing (Single Pitch Award).

These days I like to keep my hand in and focus on passing on the skills and knowledge I have built up, as well as sharing experiences with like-minded people.

My avenue into the great outdoors was during my school days, with many happy memories under canvas in Stonethwaite, Borrowdale, which led from hillwalking to rock climbing, mountaineering and expeditions.

I studied Classics and Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford, so words, language and and poetry interest me, particularly in the area of mountaineering literature.

What’s the aim of the blog and the title?

This blog is my outlet and a means to combine mountaineering and literature, chronicling my exploits, thoughts and journey.

The title of the blog belongs to the writing of William Blake:

Great things are done when men and mountains meet

This not done by jostling in the street

Poems from Blake’s Notebook (c. 1807-1809)

Blake was an English poet, who lived and worked in the 18th and 19th centuries. The quote is one of my favourites, in that it captures something of the magnanimity of mountaineering and reflects my love for poetry and languages.

How to get the most out of this blog

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