Putting the blog on pause

When I first began this blog, the aim was to chronicle my journey towards becoming an outdoor instructor, my reflections on the outdoors and related subjects.

Well, I have recently joined The Mountain People, and so that journey is, in a way, over. However, I am not yet ready to give up this blog, as the connection of man and mountain is very close to my heart. For now, though, you will find most of my thoughts and posts on The Mountain People blog.

I imagine I will decide what to do with this legacy at some point, but for the moment, please update your feeds, bookmarks etc. to http://www.the-mountain-people.com/blog/feed/.

Over and out for now.

Simon Cox

Postscript 01/12/12: blog feed amended to http://www.the-mountain-people.com/blog/feed/


3 Responses to Putting the blog on pause

  1. I am having some difficulty as the link is incorrect: it should be http://www.the-mountain-people.com/category/blog/ but even using that there is no feed from it and I have not been able to “follow”. Have you posted anything to the blog yet? Sue

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