Consolation winter day [WML Training Day 6]

Last glimpse of the Northern Corries from Glenmore Lodge

So that’s the end of the course, and winter, it seems, in Scotland, although today was the first nice day since Sunday.

The freezing level dropped overnight and was hovering around 800m today in the Northern Corries. Midway through the morning the cloud broke and cleared the tops, leaving great views over to Cairngorm and north.

We were in Coire an t’ Sneachda covering our steep ground journey day. We ended up on 0.5 Gully (not to be confused with the namesake on Ben Nevis, but simply because it is not quite Grade I ground) and put into context all we had learned about movement, crampons and ice axe, as well as simulating an exit from a gully with a bucket seat. We descended via the Goat Track, which is extremely thin and icing up, not that it will last.

The view into Coire an Lochain. N.B. The 'eagle' of snow on the right of the coire!

Overall, it has been a great week. A good team has helped to keep morale and enthusiasm high, and although we have not experienced the most wintry conditions, it has given me a good insight into the dynamics of being a winter mountain leader.

My potential timescale for assessment was next winter, which was similar to my reckoning, so I am eager to consolidate and, as ever, nail the navigation!


One Response to Consolation winter day [WML Training Day 6]

  1. James says:

    Well done mate for making the most of the conditions and for getting on the course this year!

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