Rab Baseline Hoodie – Verdict

Not the most flattering of photos, but on a very long day of extremes, I was glad to have a flexible and reliable midlayer

Having just worn the Rab Baseline Hoodie for pretty much a week solid in the High Atlas, I feel that I said most of what I wanted in my initial review with first impressions.

You might wonder how that might be, and I put it down to the sheer brilliance of the original design by Patagonia, the R1 Hoody, which Rab have made their own in the form of the Baseline Hoodie. The fact that I knew it would be excellent just by looking at it, and then wearing it for a week and having my convictions justified, is a simple and elegant testimony to the concept of a close fitting middle layer in Polartec Powerdry with a deep chest zip and helmet compatible hood.

That is all.

The Baseline coped well with the extreme fluctuations in temperature in the High Atlas (-8°C to +8°C on one day), wicking away perspiration, providing the correct amount of insulation when needed, and layering nicely under further insulation. The hood was a good fit for my noggin, but that was a bit of a gamble on my part – probably worth trying out in a shop. It also went nicely under a helmet.

Poor stitching on the right sleeve

My only criticisms of the Baseline are that the stitching on the right sleeve began to unravel in less than a week and that there was a bit of wear showing on the forearm. The stitching issue might be an anomaly, but I am inclined to think not, and I think that this sort of problem is a concern to many. A British company gets bought out (by Equip in this case) and then quality control goes awry. The Baseline may be a good design, but Rab/Equip need to back this up with continued excellence in manufacture. Is now an appropriate time to mention a return  to British manufacture?!

Anyway, you can’t have everything, but the Baseline almost does. Great product, thoroughly recommended. Expect to see this out a lot with me.


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