The Alpine Journal

The Alpine Club

It was with interest and amusement that I read the Alpine Club’s first post on Facebook not so long ago:

Hi. First tentative steps as a Club on Facebook, at least officially. Would love to be liked but will settle for being in the room at the moment.

And the Club has certainly settled into the room comfortably, announcing on Facebook on Sunday the online availability of its past journals from 1960 to 2011:

Peace and Love. 1960s Alpine Journals now on-line. Happy browsing:

Being one for history and literature, I jumped at the chance to rummage around in some mountaineering history and quickly discovered a whole wealth of material at my fingertips.

I think this a commendable move from the Alpine Club, and with my trip to the High Atlas of Morocco in less than a week, I am writing a short essay examining the history and development of mountaineering in the High Atlas.

The Alpine Journal

After just a cursory look through the archives, I am very inspired and excited about not just the essay but further expeditions. The plan is to complete the essay before I leave, but it is slow moving currently, so this is a bit of a taster.

Watch this space!


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