Time for some new trainers…

Old and new

I am a regular runner, but wouldn’t call myself a runner. It’s more of a means to an end – keeping me in shape between climbs and expeditions.

I enjoy running in the kind of conditions when most other people stay inside: as the light starts to fail; early in the morning when there’s a frost; when its raining hard and the wind is blowing. The best ones are when you know for sure that there’s going to be lots of mud. Mud that threatens to pull your trainers off and that gets splattered over your calves.

After a good number of years’ service my old Adidas Climacool trainers had finally disintegrated. Their original white colour was a murky memory and one of my big toes had worn a hole in the mesh. The nail in the coffin was putting them in a (cold) wash, which shrank them. Must have objected to being vaguely clean again…

Anyway, time for a new pair, which came in the shape of the Adidas Kanadia 4. I look forward to boshing through lots more puddles and bogs to come.

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