More Boiler Slab

I had a rare day off on Monday for climbing, but unfortunately it coincided with the massive depression that swept through the northern part of the British Isles. Although not hurricane force, the winds were firmly gale force, and rain was imminent, so I had to lower my expectations of climbing VS – primarily the lines I seconded last time.

I climbed Column (Severe) as a repeat, as Matt informed me I took the wrong line previously, so for purity of ethics, I climbed through the shallow depression near the top, rather than moving left, as I had done before. The winds strength continued to rise, with the sea boiling beneath us, and foam frothing over the rocks, so it was pretty intimidating.

Before quickly retreating from the rain, I led Scent of Mutton (Severe) on the left of the crag, which was surprisingly good. It was obvious I had not climbed for a while, as I kept searching for massive handholds, but that’s mileage for you.

There was no point taking any photos, so I’ve included some favourites from last week in North Wales.

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