Three Cliffs, Gower

Getting some gear in below the crux on Joggled Wall Direct, HS 4a

I enjoyed a social day of climbing yesterday with family and friends at Three Cliffs, which I last visited in poor weather recently. There were several other parties out, so it was fun to chat and savour the lovely weather and climbing. One pair completed Scavenger, the classic of the crag, in good style, but were unable to extract a nut at half height.

After a long lay-off since January, I climbed a Difficult, Right Corner I, to get back into the swing of things. Then, still feeling a little jittery, I suppressed my nerves and tackled Spouse Crack, Severe, which, being a little recessed gave me some space and shelter to keep my composure and focus on the gear and moves. It even sported a small overhang, which made it good value.

Bringing up an excited second!

Not particularly fancying a slabby Severe nearby, I opted for the Hard Severe 4a, Joggled Wall Direct, which is essentially a Very Difficult for the first two thirds and then a crux small bulge or overhang to finish off. After pausing briefly to protect the crux and prepare mentally, I remembered to seek good high footholds before committing myself on handholds, and dispatched what was a very enjoyable climb with not too much hassle.

A very tired daughter at the end of the day

I know deep down, though, that Severe or Hard Severe, is not my grade, and really want to break into Very Severes. This is not to show off, but just a recognition that I can climb harder and that in itself will open up a greater range of climbs.


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