SPA Training – Booked

I have just booked my SPA training for 7 to 8 May with Stan Lowe of Ogwen Cottage OPC. I am really looking forward to it, although will be out of the country for the next four weeks, so no climbing!

It is good to have the target of the SPA to work towards now, and there will be a number of opportunities for personal and group climbing in different locations over the summer, including Stanedge, North Wales and potentially my home turf, the Lake District.

Further ahead, I am looking into some IML experience in France or Turkey, so there is definitely a sense of excitment building about the next six to 12 months.


Wild Country Technical Friends, courtesy of

I just bought my first set of cams the other day, courtesy of, who still have them at half price – an absolute bargain, if you are a first time buyer!

It will be good to put them into action, but I am glad that I took the time to initiate myself into climbing with nuts and hexes. My gear placements have been improving in speed and choice, so choose a apprenticeship with passive gear is well worth it.

Unfortunately, I won’t have the opportunity to climb for a while now, and although being ready to do my SPA training, will not be able to book on for one until May. Still, I feel in a good place and am raring to get group experience, supervising and leading sessions.

Photos from Three Cliffs

I’ve just updated the last two posts with some photos. Enjoy!

Three Cliffs, Gower

Three Cliffs Revisited

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