Dreich Winter

On top of Sgor Gaoith

‘Dreich’ was the best way to describe today. Whilst warm and moist clag can be tolerated to an extent in summer, wet and cold with a gale following closely behind is a serious proposition in winter.

A cold and wet lunch break

We managed to salvage a mountain day in the north west Cairngorms, approaching out of Glen Feshie. Our initial target was Carn Ban Mor, and after a quick re-evaluation, we then continued along the ridge to Sgor Gaoith before beating a quick retreat to the glen.

Despite the awful weather, it was a good day for learning. I had the chance to lead a small group, teaching them navigational skills, and the difficult weather conditions tested all of our clothing systems. To teach skills is to reinforce one’s own understanding of a topic, and it was hugely satisfying to pass on skills and reflect on how best to do so.

Beautiful pine woods on the return to Glen Feshie

Thursday and Friday look better in terms of the freezing level, but there will be a large amount of wind blown snow on many aspects and, of course, the high winds, which have been a feature of the week. Our route choice will have to demonstrate a good deal of ingenuity and flexibility.


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