He Who Dares

Oxwich Bay in the rain and wind

He who dares wins, goes the motto of the Special Air Service, but in our case, we got thoroughly wet…

In spite of the fierce depression that has been battering the UK for the past few days, Tom and I took a chance and headed back to the Gower. Our thinking was that the deep frontal system might blow through more quickly than expected, as the forecast was to improve today.

Crossing Pennard Pill

This was not the case. We took a look at Great Tor East, but the rock was running with water, and we got a thorough soaking. Out of interest, we then walked across to Three Cliffs and took a look at the classic line of Scavenger VS 4c. One for another time.

Despite not climbing, it is healthy to take a daring attitude, otherwise there can be a tendency to be held captive by the experience and opinion of others, or the given, accepted advice. Sometimes you just have to throw that all out the window, get outside and have a look for yourself.

Whilst most sensible climbers are winter climbing in Snowdonia, Scotland or on the sofa, we seem to be an anomaly. To be fair, though, we spent Saturday afternoon at Dynamic Rock in Swansea, which was a valuable opportunity to work on technique.

Three Cliffs: Scavenger follows the crack and corner on the right of the cave mouth


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