Matt Heffer, MIC

The beauty of the outdoor world is that you meet professional and personable people who are keen to pass on their knowledge and experience.

Matt Heffer was one such person. Although he was in an official role on my ML Assessment back in March, as the course supervisor, I felt thoroughly enriched through spending time with him on the hill and in the valley.

I mentioned Matt in passing after the Assessment (see here), and noticed a steady flow of hits relating to him. However, on searching the internet, I found little mention of him, so got in contact the other day to see what he was up to. Interestingly, he has moved to Oban, Scotland and is considering a venture in guiding, both on the mountain and sea.  At the moment, he is operating both in the Lakes and in Scotland and would be happy to offer guiding in both venues. He holds the Mountain Instructor Certificate and is currently working towards the 5* Leader Award Sea Kayak.

If you have come across Matt through a course or otherwise, you can get in touch with him via e-mail here, and check out some recent activity here.


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