First VS lead climb

On the lead...

Despite the very cold weather which dumped snow on the UK overnight, I headed out with friends to Box Bay (near Bridgend, South Wales) for some lead climbs to add to my SPA logbook.

It was a real pleasure to be on the sharp, but clean and positive rock, with the backdrop of the Bristol Channel and a little wintery sun added in. Having set up an abseil rope we proceeded left to right ticking of the Severes.

To be honest, these routes were mostly confidence-building and practice for placing gear and lead set-ups. As such, for a challenge I lead Sweet Pea Souper to end the day, which started with an interesting move out of a letterbox feature in the rock. After that it was great, absorbing stuff, and cathartic given the problems I had seconding the Very Severes at Boiler Slab recently.

With this under my belt, I hope to get out regularly in January to keep the momentum up.


2 Responses to First VS lead climb

  1. Congratulations – a first VS lead is always a significant milestone!

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