The Sublime and the Mundane

Recently I wrote about finding satisfaction in the sublime and the mundane, mentioning Alistair Humphreys, the adventurer-author-motivational speaker.

I failed to cite him properly, which had been playing on my mind, so have included an excerpt from his post, ‘My Manifesto for the Year. A year of Micro Adventure‘. If you have not already discovered him, I thoroughly recommend following his blog, as a start, for inspiration for your own adventures and a fresh take on everyday life.

London’s monstrous ring road may seem an unlikely destination for adventure. The M25, “the world’s largest car park” or “the road to hell”, has achieved iconic status as representing all that is dull, depressing and hopeless about modern life. Whether its victims are stuck in a crawling traffic jam, driving numbly through the darkness or enduring tasteless, overpriced food in the anonymous sterility of a service station, few of the one million people who drive on the M25 every day see it as a source of excitement, adventure and invigoration. And yet…

Check out Alistair’s blog for the full post.

Alistair Humphreys. 2010. My Manifesto for the Year. A year of Micro Adventure. [Online] (Updated 3 January 2010)


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