carolclimb ML Training and Assessments

Carol Emmons & Richard Sagar

In my exuberance at writing up the ML Assessment, I forgot to say thank you to Carol Emmons and her team for last week.

I felt it only right to endorse Carol, as she was responsible not only for the practicalities of the course, but also a huge amount of professional development that I have gained from interacting with her and her associates, Richard Sagar and Matt Heffer.

I have had a few enquiries regarding Carol and the ML courses she runs, and would thoroughly recommend her. The beauty of the setup is that you receive input from two or three instructors throughout the courses, each one bringing their own speciality. For example, Carol is excellent on encouraging you to think about people skills and party management, whereas Richard has a rich history of mountain marathons and orienteering, so will drill you in contour interpretation and finer map skills.

If you would like to get in touch with carolclimb, feel free to follow the links below:




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