More photos from Scotland

Here are a couple more galleries from Martin and Nick of the week up North.

Not the most flattering photos of myself, I have to admit. I look like a peanut-head in some photos – must get a replacement to the Edelrid!

Well, it’s about the people and the scenery, anyway, not my face…

Martin’s gallery

Winter Mountaineering in Scotland

After a number of weeks without posts, I have just returned from Scotland where I spent the last week whetting my appetite for Scottish winter mountaineering. January was of little note, apart from a short trip to the Brecon Beacons. However, I picked up a wealth of knowledge from my stay in the Cairngorms and enjoyed a truly spectacular landscape in its full winter glory.

Rather than go into the details of the various days, I will include a link to a photo gallery of the week; the photos themselves will do justice to the mountain days. I was hoping to write about the rich experiences, but felt I was without inspiration this time. However, I am content, for it was a time of rest and fellowship with good friends, so I will wait for future exploits to continue my creative writing.

Happily, it may be the case that I can present myself for the ML Assessment sooner than anticipated. I have added a good number of winter days to my logbook, which, I am told, count towards the 40 QMDs required for Assessment. If all goes to plan, I may do so as soon as the end of March.

If I pass my Assessment, I will then quickly proceed to concentrate on my rock climbing, working towards the Single Pitch Award, for which I have registered. However, I still hope to go away with groups to the mountains for walking and adventure.

Enjoy the photos.

Photos from the week

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