ML Training Highlights

Carol has kindly forwarded me a photo of the team from last week:

L-R: (standing) Geoff, myself, Carol (instructor), Jonnie, Alastair, Ian, Gary, Richard (instructor); (kneeling) John, Rhys, Katie; (photo) Carol; (dog) Sam

Other highlights of the week were our instructor, Richard’s, interesting memory aids for navigation:

  • Who was the best navigator in the history of Star Fleet? Mr Chekov, of course.
  • Remember to put ‘Fred in the Shed’ when using a compass
  • Everything in front is mystery, everything behind is history. We want no surprises!

My humble addition (which I kept to myself, not surprisingly, as my wife informs me, because it is atrocious) was in relation to Red Fescue grass found in boggy ground, easily avoided by remembering ‘Red is for danger’.

Simple pleasures.


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