A Gill, a Beck and a Fell

Today I bought a house and climbed a mountain. It was a good day.

The family atop Haycock

I was out with the family again in Wasdale. This time we climbed Haycock from Greendale, descending along the lovely valley containing Nether Beck.

It was satisfying to explore a relatively unknown area – previous outings have mainly been in the Mosedale or Lingmell directions, as well as the south eastern side of Wast Water. The two valleys of Greendale and Nether Beck were quiet and still, and it was hard not to linger by Greendale and Scoat Tarns.

Descending to the serene Scoat Tarn

The relatively good weather made it fun to identify the various, small crags that are marked on the OS map. Probably not of excellent rocking climbing standard, they provide a diversion for the exploratory eye.

One day I should like to explore the crags fully and scramble through them extensively. However, besides the crags and tarns, I was most taken by a solitary tree between Scoat Tarn and Little Lad Crag. When you look for trees in the higher reaches of the fells, you notice they are conspicuous by their absence, but this one was conspicuous.

A solitary tree with Seatallen in the background

The fells were in all their glory today, making for good photo opportunities:


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